Mandarin 2

Traditional Chinese Cuisine in Milan

Restaurant Mandarin 2

The history of Mandarin – a place of worship for traditional Chinese cuisine in Milan – begins in 1974: in that year King Sing Cheng, formerly chef of the restaurant La Pagoda opened the first restaurant headquarters in Via Bellotti, in the Porta Venezia area. Although the chef has recently moved from China with his family, his son King Yang Sang is already ready to carry on the success of Mandarin by opening a new headquarters.

In 1979 the Mandarin 2 in Milan, Città Studi was founded, thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of King Yan Sang and his wife Carmela. Carmela (of Sicilian origins) and King Yan Sang, with a rich background in the oriental culinary tradition, succeed in creating an exclusive combination of two very different cultures. After twenty years of management, the Mandarin 2 in Milan Città Studi is passed to the children who grew up in the restaurant. The current owner, Chunyi, carry out the family tradition and guides a highly professional and courteous team, which is always attentive to the needs of the client.

Chinese menu with high-quality ingredients

Mandarin 2 in Milan is an institution; it represents the union of the oriental flavors of Chinese cuisine and the careful selection of raw materials typical of the best Italian gastronomic realities. Customer service, fast and accurate, focuses on customer desires and requests, which are welcomed and celebrated with a menu of excellence.

The staff of the Mandarin 2 is active and always involved in restaurant choices. Always ready to provide advice and information on every single dish included in the menu, the staff puts at the service of the customer all their experience.
The client is welcomed with passion and courtesy, so that he can truly feel immersed in the sober and relaxing atmosphere of the restaurant, ready to savor the chef’s proposals.